Cheap video card for Modern Warfare

I was looking at the xfx gt 240 ddr3 card

and was wondering if anyone had experience with this card. I know it's pretty old and uses ddr3 instead of ddr5, which all the benchmarks seem to use. How big of a difference is there between the two? I'd like to get decent frame rates on relatively old games like Crysis and Modern Warfare 1 or maybe Mass Effect 2. Anything around 30 fps on medium settings is good enough for me.

The rebate brings the price down to $30 which seems pretty good until I can get a more powerful card like a gtx 460. I'm currently using the radeon 4250 that's integrated on my motherboard, so hopefully it'll be a big jump in performance.

Any input from people with low->mid end gaming systems?

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    Well, I guess it's pretty cheap if you factor in the Mail in Rebate, but I never depend on getting those since half the time you don't ^_^. They are such a pain now. Anyway, it will be a big jump over that IGP. It really would be worth it to spend a little more on a GDDR5 version. Anyway, it should be o.k for the first Modern Warfare and Mass Effect, but that depends on the resolution. For Crysis though you're stuck to medium at 1024x768. Any higher than that and you have to start putting things on low with that card.

    The card is obviously more effective when you overclock it. If it will be enough for you even then is something you have to decide. Just Google some reviews on the GT 240 and you'll see some on the GDDR3 versions
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