First build: Questions

I am currently in the middle of m first build, for the most part it is going well just a few snags i ran into.

1) The power switch, LED and reset plugs from my case have different color wires, in the MOBO manual it refernces lining up the +, -, & ground. My question is what are the colors that correspond with this? I have blue, white, brown to choose from. Power switch is white and brown, Power LED is blue and white.

2) do I connect the SSD to the MOBO or to the hardrive? Manual does not indicate one way or the other.

3) Can the SSD & Hard drive be hook up to the power supply? What is the benefit?
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  1. 1) The switches don't care which way you hook them up. The LEDs will only work one way so you can just use trial and error if you really can't figure it out in the case/mobo manual.

    2) Both the SSD and the hard drive should be connected to the motherboard each with a SATA cable.

    3) Yes, you need to do that for the drives to have power to operate. Benefit: Your system works properly.
  2. With the power buttons and case leds the comon color is the ground or -. So in your case the white wires are the -. Dont worry if you get this wrong because you can just flip them over later if they dont work.

    Both drives need thier own sata cable to connet them to the mother board. Thats how they talk to the baord. And they need thier own power wire from the PSU, they need electricity to work.

    Ideally you want to plug the ssd into a 6gb sata3 port on the mother board. The HD should plug in after you have windows installed. For now just get it put in place but dont plug in the sata cable yet.
  3. Ok thanks

    I thought that power should be run to the drives but the MOBO manual said it was optional (maybe I misinterpeted it).
  4. One more thing.

    Can the Hard Drive, SSD and CD/DVD all be connected on the same cord off the power supply?

    You said to plug in the SSD to a 6GB Sata 3, what about the CD/DVD rom & Hard drive
  5. All 3 devices can plug into the same cord on the PSU. They dont use much power so it safe.

    The SSD is a very fast drive so it needs to be plugged into the fastest port. The other HD and the DVD can plug into any of the sata ports because they are not fast enough to need the 6gb connector.
  6. Alright, thanks
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