I created a how-to build a gaming pc series

I want to know how well or how poorly I did explaining the process of building an Intel computer. It is a series of 10 short videos that I did this for my company, but watching them now....

1. http://youtu.be/vwiBKz9jYqM
2. http://youtu.be/i5UIluWqnUU
3. http://youtu.be/kBJSYtp0E8k
4. http://youtu.be/iyL9dzxpaXI
5. http://youtu.be/BomYn3EEF7g
6. http://youtu.be/102Xtwe1mZM
7. http://youtu.be/hNAcUAPcLIc
8. http://youtu.be/PzoEf-OZD6k
9. http://youtu.be/p285dNwguKQ
10. http://youtu.be/OXgh2FFKcIM

This is my first attempt and want to improve upon it to help everyone I deal with in the future have a good experience building their own computer. Thank you for your time and opinions!
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  1. Glad to see you doing this. I would spend more time discussing the different parts while they are in your hands the first time.

    Like for the motherboard while it was out of the case that would have been a great time to point out all the little connectors your are going to have to be using once its in the case and those spots are now in a tight space.

    I don't know it is possible to hook your video camera to what the monitor sees so that we can see the screen without looking over your shoulder at a hard angle.

  2. You videos are pretty good I think after you do some more videos, a more streamlined presentation will come naturally. There was a lot of improvement coming from the first video to the second and third. I think you might be able to help out lots of noobs if you were to make a series on how and why to choose certain parts. You could use the part choosing videos as a precursor to the assembly videos. You could explain/warn about gimmicks like a low end video cards with excessive amounts of ram...

    It is great that you are taking the initiative to make these videos, I have kinda a hatred for manufacturers like HP and such. I feel like they rip people off, so hopefully more people will see your videos and see just how easy it is to build a better/cheaper computer than what you can get at the store.
  3. Thank you for your feedback! I will try to do better in the future!
  4. On the first video at 1:05 it does part of the start again.

    (I have no idea if the instructions in the parts explain any of this, so i assume for sake of argument that they say nothing)

    If you could a better explanation of inserting the CPU i think that would help, also say how much TIM to use on the 3rd. Maybe a little more explanation of the backplate and how to fit it. Aldo what the motherboard stand-offs are for and what configurations you could use.

    I haven't watched the rest though.

    Hope this helps.
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