Crysis 2 Recommended System Requirements Unveiled

Ok folks the news which most gamer wanted to know is out.Crytex has released the recommended system specs required to run the game.

Minimum: 2GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8800GT / HD3850, 512MB Video Memory, DX9.0c, Shader Model 3.0, Windows XP, 20fps @ 1024 x 768

Recommended: 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 CPU, 3GB RAM, GTX280 / HD4870, 1GB Video Memory, DX9.0, Shader Model 3.0/4.0, Windows XP, 30fps @ 1650 x 1080

Highly Recommended: 3GHz Core i7 4GB RAM, GTX560Ti / HD4870 X2, 1.8GB Video Memory, DX11, Shader Model 3.0/4.0, Windows 7, 30fps @ 1920 x 1200

I would say those requirement is quite modest.Considering when the first game came out it was beyond any hardware to max that game. Graphics requirement is sli 560 or crossfire 4870 to play at hd res.But that Vram requirement is quite odd.Only Ati 6900 series has that vram.And remember 30flps in crytex games is very smooth as compared to other games.All thanks to motion blur.So the question can you run Crysis 2?
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  1. Those are the most demanding manufacturer suggested system requirements I've seen.
  2. ct1615 said:
    where does it say the GTX560 in SLI??? it only states it as a single card

    FYI. VR-Zone (the source) pulled the article from its site so the authenticity of these specs are 50/50 at best.

    It says gtx 560/4870 x2 which i believe means sli 560 or crossfire 4870.4870x2 is more powerful than 560ti.So if they are saying that nvidia user can run it with 560 and ati user needs 4870x2 then that doesn't make sense.
  3. Quote:
    lmao i have the beta naughty me i am buying it.
    but meh i ran it at max settings on my 512mb 4870 gainward golden sample with 30fps if i switched down one notch which i get 45-60 fps constant.

    That Alpha version only uses dx9.While the retail version will use full dx11 and tessellation.
  4. It's a single 560ti OR the 4870 X2 card. 4870 does not equate a 560ti. Not by a long shot.
  5. I find it amusing that they recommend Windows XP but highly recommend Windows 7.
  6. Quote:
    yeah i know that but with all the bugs and missing textures and crashes it runs pretty damn well on the 4870 considering the silly requirements posted by the op.

    Dx11 tessellation is far more demanding than dx9.This game was delayed because crytex wanted to add more dx11 features and optimize it for gtx 580.Dx9 is not maxed dx11 is.
  7. Maybe ati users are not allowed to use dx11 features.Those are nvidia exclusive.Remember its an Nvidia game.
  8. If my rig can play metro 2033 at high with dx 10 will I be able to play crysis 2 at high with dx9?
  9. definitely yes.metro is much more gpu intensive.well i am surprised that my 8800gt beats my friend's hd 4850 in crysis 2:D,surely its nvidia's domination time.
  10. hi i really need to ask something that might help me a lot with my problem with my desktop computer. i'm playing crysis 2 but the rendering is not that smooth. my system specs is dual core e5500 2.8ghz with 4gb 800mhz with asus p5kpl epu MOBO and ATI radeon 5570 HD. Is it going to help me with my problem with rendering of graphics to make it smooth by upgrading my processor with core 2 duo e7500 (
    3M Cache
    2.93 GHz
    1066 MHz FSB) or i need to upgrade my video card and make it I series processor with ddr3?
  11. Well, both your CPU and video card are holding you back.

    If you only have enough money to upgrade one of them, then the video card would be the first choice. Your CPU may bottleneck your newer card if the performance difference between your new card and the HD 5570 is huge.

    Your upgrade will be limited by your power supply. So you need to check that 1st. Post a picture of the PSU's sticker label.
  12. i am having intel dual core cpu overclocked at 3.4 ghz cpu

    2gb ddr2 ram ati radeon hd 5450 1gb ddr3 graphic card

    graphic card specs

    memory clocked at:755mhz

    gpu engine clocked at 751mhz

    shader ver 5.0

    iam able to play call of duty black ops with all max setting witout any lag

    will iable to pay crysis 2 with medium settings will do? pls tell me
  13. i play crysis 2 on my dual core processor with ddr3 1gb 8400gs graphic card and 2 gb ddr2 ram......... :D
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