PNY vs Sparkle 8400gs Graphics Card?

Which card is better among these cards:
Sparkle 8400 Gs:
PNY 8400 Gs:

I want to buy a card for my pentium 3 866Mhz. The minimum requirements of PNY is 512Mb RAM and I also have 512Mb SDRAM. Will it run fine on my PC.
You can see my PC's specs here:
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  1. My PC doesn't plays even GTA Vice City. It runs GTA Vice City but you can say that it is not 100% smooth. It's somewhat 60-80% smooth.
    I want to play games and don't want to spend on a new computer now. PNY 8400gs is in my opinion best. So, please tell me if my PC specifications are
    fine enough to run PNY 8400gs or will I have to go with Sparkle 8400gs.
  2. The pci bus bottleneck so much those card that it's not even worth it.

    Had a 9400GT PCI in my HTPC, what a disaster.

  3. The both are waste of money. I strongly advice that you buy new parts (platform, gpu, psu, hdd....)

    But if you still wanna buy a card, you have an AGP slot right? Then look for some agp hd 3850 or agp 4650.

    edit - you have a PCI slot??? Start saving money for a new pc dude, investing in that disaster of pc is a total waste of money!!!
  4. I'll agree with everyone'd be a better option to save money for a new computer...that won't improve your performance worth the price.

    Sorry, but that money could be put to better use in a new system.
  5. you should be able to get a newer full system second hand. even one of the older Athlon64's or Pentium 4 D second hand would be much better and should run games from that era well.
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