Ddr2 or ddr3 for dedicated server that hosts games

I can get a 32GB dedicated server with ddr2 ram and octo-core with 2tb of hard drive, but there's a more expensive one that I have that's 24gb ram ddr3 with quad core and 1.5 tb hard drive.

Should I go to the 32?

Will it be better for the games I host?
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  1. There is very little difference in speed between DDR2 and DDR3 although you can get much faster DDR3 memory. A 20% difference in memory speed results in a approximately 1.2% difference in system speed. The only real disadvantage of getting DDR2 memory is that if you ever want any more it is very expensive in comparison to DDR3 memory. I think in the system that you have described the real difference is in the processor being used not the memory.
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