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Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I am going to college in a couple of months, and I am looking for a laptop to replace my desktop. After searching for a couple hours, I came across this laptop:


The only problem is that I have another computer that can be repaired for about the same amount as that computer, and I am not sure which one is the better investment.

This is the other computer:


Thanks again and sorry for the newbie question.
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  1. I'd go with the best buy since it uses ddr3 ram, windows 7, more storage, faster processor and newer graphics. The screen is better on the HP though.
  2. Just curious as to what is wrong with the other one? Laptop repair is not as hard as you might think, as long as you know what the problem is for sure...I replaced a M/B in an HP dv6327cl and it was the first computer I had ever worked on. Repairing the old one yourself might be a much cheaper option. That seems like a good price for the new one as well
  3. Try mlCaouette's idea of repairing the old laptop yourself. This be less expensive because you will just need some parts, and in taking this approach you will increase your computer skills. Good way to start college!
  4. DO NOT GET HP!!!! unless its a business model laptop hp just overheats and dies, i have seen way to many disappointments with hp...
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