Bought new memory, boot problems.

I've built this PC about a month ago with no problems at all. Now I bought the same RAM I currently use (4 GB x 2) so that I can run 16GB (4x4). It initially started just fine but then I restarted and it will not boot.

It will power up for about 3-4 seconds then shut off then automatically reboot, rinse and repeat. Already switched sticks, used all slots, etc and it seems to only fail when I put all of them in (they all work individually).

Is there maybe a special way I need to set BIOS to run all 4?
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  1. Check the sticks two at a time in the prior configuration it was working in...

    Depending on your RAM freq and timings, as not all mainboards will talk with 4 sticks at the same timings/voltages as might be successful for two sticks...

    check ram voltage set for what config is reommended by ram maker, as well....
  2. As I said, I did every combination possible using 2 sticks. It only happens when all 4 are in there at the same time. I also set the timings/voltages appropriately. When I initially installed the additional 8GB of RAM it was fine then after the restart the problem happened.
  3. with all 4 slots filled you are adding more stress to the memory controller bump the volts up one notch to the memory and see if that helps.
  4. Will add some to the voltage soon. New problem, slots 2 and 4 on my P67-GD53 seems to be the problem now. It will not work with just the 2 sticks in any combination.
  5. Voltage didn't fix it.
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