Can i install a Geforce GTX 460 graphic card on this desktop?

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  1. yes you can, should be a nice upgrade over the 5450 ;)
  2. baronx said:

    Not with the stock psu thats in it.
  3. not? 480W should be enough imo.
  4. Derbixrace said:
    not? 480W should be enough imo.

    If it were a good quality psu, yes.
    That's a $12- $16 pos with minimal connectors ( no 6 pin at all ) , would be lucky if it could output 300 watts.
  5. LOL ok best to get a better PSU then before upgrading your GPU.
  6. so what could be a good PSU to intall on this desktop so it can handle the GTX 460?
  7. Quote:
    price range.?
    and since you have to buy one (power supply) then at least get one with the (2) 6-pin plugs standard so you do not have to buy an adapter..

    Diablotek, Topower and Crapmax

    You can find good quality for around the same money
  8. perfect thanks for the info guys.
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