Best gtx 560 ti ?

Hi everyone!
My current gts 250 is just not doing it for me anymore :(
So right now the gtx 560 ti seems to be my best bet...
Anyway I'm looking for the best one in terms of overclocking potential and noise, I'm leaning towards the evga but idk.

btw I live in Kuwait so the warranty is useless ;)

System specs:
AMD Phenom II 955 oc 3.8ghz
Gigabyte ga-ma770t-ud3p
4gb corsair dominator 1600mhz
evga gts 250 oc
ocz modxstream 600w psu
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  1. If you look at value, then the ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP.
    If you look at the best of the best, then it's the Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti SOC, or the Sparkle X560 Caliber.
  2. i would say the twin frozr II is better value because its factory OCed lol and the cooler is awesome like the directcu II one.
  3. Check the toms article made on these video cards and see for yourself, sparkle, asus and gigabyte offer the best cards. I myself would go for any of these 3. The rest i would not taken into account, maybe sparkle or gigabyte because of their higher overclock. But gigabyte model uses with up to 50w more at maximum load so sparkle should be the best choice, witch also has lower noise from the fans because of the size of the fans. That's my opinion.
  4. FYI, Read around before you purchase a gtx 560 ti. There is an (as far as I can tell) unresolved issue concerning driver compatibilites with the factory overclocked cards. I recently purchased 2 gtx 560 ti's without noticing this information until it was too late. They were overclocked from the reference 822Mhz to 900Mhz, and whenever I did anything at all that was remotely GPU intensive, my screen would go black and freeze and i'd hear the sound looping in the background, and I would have to hard reboot. Apparently this is common for the factory overclocked cards, but the reference models don't have any/as many issues. My cards worked when I underclocked them to reference model, but I paid for the OC, so I took them back and got 2x 6950's for cheaper, that I can flash to 6970's. Here are a few links to the issues:

    Just thought I'd show you this, since I wish I would have seen it before I bought them and had to go through the hassle. I'm not sure if you buy a reference and OC if you would have the same issues, but I would assume so.

    Consensus is that it is a driver issue, and hopefully nvidia fixes it soon.

    *Edited for spelling.
  5. Thanks guys!
    I've made my decision :)
  6. Quote:
    which is what.?
    I own the EVGA GTX560Ti and EVGA has THE best warranty..

    The MSI Twin Frozr II.
    Will order through amazon later :)
  7. Ordered from amazon :)
    Now I have to wait for like two weeks for shipping to my country, and pay ~$50 for shipping :(
    It actually ships in a couple of days but all the extra time is at the customs (or whatever it is called)....

    Can't wait to OC it XD
  8. Quote:
    waiting must be pain in the arse.. :bounce:

    It sure is.

    btw is my psu good enough for the card ?
    600w with two 12V rails both @ 25A
  9. Quote:
    sounds like your ready for take off...
    good to go.

    what is the exact psu specs.?

    Google is your friend....
    lol here look in newegg:
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