Need to connect to 2 wireless networks simultaneously

I have a laptop that has two wireless adapters.
I have two separate wireless networks in my house (i.e. two SSIDs)
I need to connect to both networks at the same time.
OS is Windows Vista, but same question applies to XP and 7.
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  1. Is one for internet and one for network access?

    connecting to two separate wireless will not allow you to browse faster since one NIC will be the dominant one.

    also they need to have two different IP schemes like and
  2. I knew I should have been more explicit.....
    Internet access is not part of the question. I just need to simultaneously connect to separate intranets
    I understand that the addresses on the intranets will have to be disjoint.
    I do not need workarounds like bridging the intranets, etc.
    I really just need to know how to (in Windows XP, Vista, 7) actually connect to 2 wireless intranets at the same time, one intranet per wireless adapter.
  3. Setup 1-st network to x.x.1.x, 2-nd x.x.2.x.
    In win cmd > use ip route add
    Just type in ip route -- it will give you summary how to use.
    Basically what you want to do is tel comp,
    that the way to acces x.x.1.x is to use nic1,
    and to acces x.x.2.x is to use nic2.
    With ip route you'll have to speciffy netmask, network and nic.
    As I said -> ip route will clear most of it.
    Hope I helped.
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