Can I use TWO AMD 965 CPU's ??

Hi there. A couple of years ago, I got into HD video editing. That hobby started out as a nightmare because my old computer could not handle all the heavy data going through the programs, images, etc. So I decided to seriously invest in my equipment by building a new computer. At that time, I was also thinking about " future proofing " the technology for a couple of years. Here is what I have built so far...

AMD 965 Black Edition
750 Power Supply
ATI 5770 1 ghz card
8 gigs of DDR3 Mem ( 4x2, 1333mhz )
H70 cooler
Windows 7 64 bit home edition
Cooler Master case and more premium standard components.

I then overclock it to a stable 3.8 hz. My video editing routine went smoothly and the new computer was a monster in processing everything smoothly and Adobe After Effects worked like a charm and rendered my project at a very " decent " speed. Overall, it was everything I wanted coming true. That was only 8 months ago.

So what is the problem?

Now, I have just started a new project by utilizing 3D animation software, VUE 9.5 Xtreme made by E-On. It is an awesome program ! After learning and tweaking, I come to a conclusion that my system is not " up to speed " to handle VUE. Now, rendering a frame or project are measure in hours and days. I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS !! Yes, I understand the norm that 3D animation takes a long time to render, but there has got to be a solution !!

Oddly enough, the VUE 3D program is not GPU or RAM demanding, but a majority of work is based on the CPU.

So, the " magical " way to resolve this would be some sort of plug and play usb device that will boost my CPU processing or spend big bucks and hire a render farm.

I am willing to pay for an additional motherboard, AMD 965 CPU, cooling , etc.

What is a realistic solution to what I want to accomplish? I am hoping of a way to easily add another processor to my existing setup.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Not directly no. And there are no dual CPU mobos for AMD right now short of going to server class CPUs.

    Your only bet would be either a Phenom II X6 or a Intel LGA1366 system. Unless you can wait and see what AMDs Bulldozer or Intels Sandy Bridge E can offer.
  2. Not on retail computer hardware and will be expensive

    Dual Socket G34 motherboard, something like ASUS KGPE-D16
    2 x Opteron 4180 6 Cores @ 2.6Ghz
    Memory DDR3 1333 EEC or NON-EEC
  3. I understand this is a bit Threadromantic (not kissies :na: ) , however, there are ways.

    You could start out by simply running software side computer maintenance on your comp, starting with cleaning your registry, browser and what not. I have found the best tools are Glary Utilities, Ccleaner, and Eusing Registry Cleaner and Registry Defragger. All are free and easily downloaded from

    Next, Defrag your hard drive. so many people forget to do this. Auslogic has a free HD defragger available on, and you would want to use the "Defrag and Optimize" action. Be sure to set 'move system files to front' or whatever in the options.

    If that doesn't work, you could remove your page file from your hd, by setting it up on a flash drive, which is faster and more efficient than having it on your hd.

    There is also always the option to set your comp up with a Raid type ( i forgot which config it is, but one of the configs can actually boost speeds). Be sure to use an add-on raid controller card for that, as most mobo Raid Controllers are nowhere near sufficient for what you are wanting to do.

    If all else, check out upgrading your system.
  4. With 965's, no

    But you can build a very fast system with dual hex-core Xeons using the EVGA Classified X58 mobo:

    Otherwise your best options are to wait for SB-E and Bulldozer and overclock (a lot)
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