[New Built] Please tell me how i can improve my specs

[Case]: Ninja 2 w/ Blue Front Lighting
[Motherboard]: Asus with support for an amd phenom x4
[CPU]: Amd Phenom X4 clocked at 3.20 Ghz
[GPU]: Ati Radeon 4850 HD
[HDDS] 1 220GB Sata and 1 300 GB sATA II
[DVDR]: sata DVD RW
[PSU]: Suntek True 680W
[RAM]: 4GB DDR3 1066 (2x2)
[Monitor]: Acer v193w 19'' TFT LCD
Please rate and tell me what i can do to improve my build
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  1. If you get a new bigger full HD monitor you will need a new video card (~$350 both). Otherwise it's good as it is.
  2. Yeah a better GPU and Monitor.

    Whats your budget?
  3. You don't have a Phenom X4, you have a Phenom II X4. Big difference.

    I agree, new gpu and new monitor with 1920x1080 resolution.
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