Nvidia 560ti or ATI 6950 2G..????

Hello all my good friends.. Next week i will grab either 2 card that i mention At the title topic

Ok... Which one are Better for gaming such like crysis and crysis that will release.. Metro 2033 and any latest games

My Spec:

550 PSU
Asus m4a78 Mobo
Amd Phenom x4 955
6G Ram
500 Hard disk

Ok... which one card a suit for my system spec and of course no regret when play game...

Thanks for advise and guide... :D
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  1. The 560ti is not quite on the 6950's level and even more so if you consider that a 6950 could become a 6970 with a bios flash. You'll find them trading blows in some benchmarks but overall the 6950 is better.

    That said if you perfer Nvidia over ATI or find a good deal you shouldn't hesitate to get the 560ti.
  2. Emm... ok.. What about some people said that game create for nvidia such like crysis are better with Nvidia card.... is that true.?
  3. crysis runs fine on both cards, some games may run a little better on nvidia but its nothing to care about. i vote for the 6950 2GB.
  4. For specific games you'll want to look for benchmarks but both Crysis and Metro run better on the 6950 from what I've seen.
  5. Hemmm... Emmmm... Okay, if i want to flash it for 6970 can it risk my card.?
  6. no because it has dual bios, so if the flash fails you just flip a switch and then the card works again :)
  7. heres is a performance summary on all resolutions
  8. Emmm... Look like hd 6950 are bit better than gtx 560. and also gtx 560 are bit cheap than 6950 in my place.

    Arghhh... So hard to make decision.

    I agree with malmental suggestion and also agree with Derbixrace......
  9. Ok... So malmental which one that card can make me really satisfied when play game.?

    I buy new card just to play a game only not for doing anything..
  10. could you tell us your monitor resolution?
  11. my monitor resolution are 1600x900...
  12. yeah get the GTX 560 it will be plenty for that resolution and has better tesselation performance.. it also has physx, cuda etc.....
  13. Yesss... now i can make a decision cause you all have a same suggestion : ) Thanks you guys.. REally thankfully...
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