Phenom ii x4 955 to i5 2500k... worth the money ?

Ok, i was wondering if would i see a big performance increase between these 2 CPUs... i know FOR A FACT that the i5 its way better, but its worth the money (i need to change the MoBo too), its MOSTLY for gaming, nothing CPU heavy stuff, so will i see a BIG HIT in gaming performance ?

My PC:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bits
4Gb RAM DD3 1333Mhz
HD5770 1gb Saphire (OC)
AM3 Mobo
19' (1280x720 @60Hz --> MAX)

would see a benefit... or should wait to see Bulldozers and Ivy Bridge perform ?, i wonder if i could still use this phenom for a year or 2, without needing to upgrade =s

NOTE: And no... i wont change my monitor, because i tend to use them till they die (wich should be a year or 2 from now), and i do have a FullHD 1920x1080 TV LED, but i dont know, i just LIKE to play games in that monitor
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  1. No, it's not worth throwing more money for a better performance. The performance gain is not worth the money you will need to spend to replace both CPU and motherboard.

    When you decide your current system is actually too slow for your needed, then compare AMD and Intel CPUs to determine which has better performance at that point in time.

    So for now, just stick with what you have. Or consider upgrading when Bulldozer comes out after looking at benchmarks.
  2. You'd have to check benchmarks of specific titles, but I doubt you'd see the sort of improvement (if any) that would even begin to justify the cost of that upgrade.
    The biggest change in your overall experience would be from installing a SSD, even a 3Gb/s model. At your current resolution, a GPU upgrade would probably make little to no difference, UNLESS you specifically want PhysX, in which case get a nVidia card like a GTX460, or better, a GTX560.
  3. Just to clarify, a SSD will not improve game performance. It only improves install / uninstall and load / save times.
  4. +1 to all the above there is no benefit in the i5 with your GPU and theres not benefit in upgrading that with your monitor.
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