X58 Extreme3 Freezing Durning Games

Afternoon guys, I've had this system for a year now, its been running smooth ever since last month. I always thought it was a bug in Battlefield 3, until I started up Mass Effect 3, dirt 3, dead space 2, I get about on avg. 10mins into a game and it will freeze. Can't crtl alt del, move mouse around, nothing. I've looked at my temps (nice and cool), drivers, window updates, everything. Its not overclocked (never has been), nothing new installed as far as hardware related. I've reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 7 and still the same thing. I've tried to tweak the memory voltage from 1.65 to 1.5 still same issue. I've taken everything out and reseated everything, took memory out, only did 3 sticks in the white slots, still same issue. I've replaced my power supply as it was a 500 watt going on age to a OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W, still same issue.

i7 950
X58 Extreme3 Mobo
Corsiar XMS3 12gb
Nvidia 450GTS
1tera western digital hd

**update** Last night computer froze about 10-15mins of normal usage and during a movie.
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  1. I would open the case and check that there not dust clogging the fans. and that all the fans are spinning. I would use msi afterburner to check the fan speed of your gpu and temp..it also goot that you can set it up to log your gpu temp.
    I would also open up fan speed or another program to watch your system cpu temp.
    i would then run prime95 or some other diag software to stress your system.
    if it locks up on stress tests but the cpu and gpu temps are fine. make a boot disk of memtest and run it for a while to see if you have a bad stick of ram.
    I would also check you memory and over clock settings in your bios. if you need to try resetting it to default and try a game.
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