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Hey folks... a while back I discovered the amazing ability to
play some of my best loved NES games that I owned back in
the later days on my PocketPC with Emulator. One of the
things I loved the best was that I could play some of my favorite
games like RBI Baseball and Tecmo Super Bowl again.

Then, to make things double amazing, these games had developed
cult like followings where people had actually figured out how
to edit the roms to produce updated roster with current players
and current abilities. Amazing that I am able to play my
old favorite as new games.

Not too long ago I got a GameBoy Advanced...a used one. I
was looking forward to being able to play updated baseball
and football games on my handheld now. Now I could have
not only current rosters, but current graphics and game play.
Too cool! Or so I thought... To my great disappointment
there will be no All-Star Baseball for 2004 or beyond. It also
appears that there possible may not be a new Madden for the
GBA (?)!! Certainly any other games of this genre are long
gone...Baseball Advance...MLB Slugfest...NHL Hitz...

Sure I can get used copies of the older versions, but then I
get newer graphics/game play with old roster. So, I get either
current rosters or I get current graphics/gameplay.

Well, I see a possible light at the end of the tunnel...and its
coming from the same direction as my original re-introduction
to sports games: A PDA! Tapwave, a new company, has
produced a handheld unit that is supposed to be a merger
between a PDA and a GBA. It's called the Zodiac and it
looks very impressive. You can find out more here:
www.tapwave.com. Adoption by some of the big name
software companies hasn't been real impressive yet, but it
does seem to be coming. The thing that really sparks my
interest, however, is that there are at least two GBA
emulators currently being developed for it. So, like I can
currently play all my NES games on my PocketPC, now
I will be able to play all my GBA games on my Zodiac. Too

So, my project currently is to find if there is a community
surrounding any of the baseball/football games for the GBA
similar to what exists for RBI Baseball and Tecmo Bowl:
that is a community that has knoledgeable enough people who
update the ROMs with new rosters/schedules, etc. Which,
finally, brings me to the point of this message: I can't find any!
Does anyone know if such things exist? Is there a way to get
an updated roster anywhere out there?!? Help!! Help!! :) :)

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    > Then, to make things double amazing, these games had developed cult
    > like followings

    You're the first person I've come across who's probably a part of that
    fanbase, or following. I've always been amazed - or more like confused
    why there exist so many (hundreds) of games for several systems always
    going by the names of NHL, NBL, Madden, you name it. Oh well, I guess
    the games sell really good. I never understood why, and I actually
    loathe all that, but nice to see that the fanbase really exists. So
    Electronic Arts is producing the games for a reason ;).

    You can really chase me around the world with any type of sports game
    unless it involves chess or golf, weird huh.
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