PC upgrade advice - more memory vs SSD

Greetings folks,

I'm looking for the most cost effective upgrade for my current system. Here are the current specs (note no overclocking):

Intel Q9550 quad core 2.83ghz
Asus P5Q Pro mobo
4 gigs (4 x 1gig) of OCZ Reaper DDR2 1066 memory (certified for the mobo)
2 x ATI HD6750 video (Crossfired)
2 x Seagate 500gig HDs (7200 rpm, 32 meg cache, previously in RAID1 array)
1 x Seagate 1tb HD (7200 rpm, 32 meg cache)
1000w power supply
Win7 Ultimate x64

Most of my gaming is first person shooters so performance is key. My own read is the best bang for the buck would be either
a) replace the four 1 gig memory sticks with four 2 gig sticks (hoping to stick to the QVL for the memory)
b) put in a 64gig SSD for system drive and use the HDs for program storage and the like

In a related question, would going to 8gig of slightly slower ram (DDR2 800 or DDR2 667) make significant difference in overall speed?

I'm looking to keep the overall cost to $150-$200 (at the outside). Thanks in advance for your assistance.

John E.
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    4 gigs of ram should be plenty, and if you install the OS and games on the SSD then load times would be faster. I do NOT think more than 4 gigs of RAM is necessary to play FPSs unless you are doing a lot of multitasking at the same time, which would also degrade performance anyways.
  2. there is not much you can do, already got a good system there, if you want to upgrade then buy the intel 320 80GB SSD $159.99
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  4. Thanks much for the advice folks. It sounds like SSD is the way to go.
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