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Spark from graphic card

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February 22, 2011 11:46:07 AM

hi guys.....
i had a 9600gt 512 mb and one day one of my hard disks didnt get detected..
i asked my friend and he told to try connecting the cables the other way.. i tried but in vain....
so i had my cabinet open and i restarted my system....
suddenly spark came from NEAR the 6-pin power connector of my 9600gt and i switched off the sys...
i donno what happedened and i removed the card...
now i am afraid of putting the card back into my sys as it made some problems with my mobo and power supply and i had to use my warranty and i got back the newer ones now....

so what colud be the problem with the card???? :??:  :??:  :??: 

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February 22, 2011 12:35:55 PM

So if I understand right you returned MOBO and power supply and got these replaced ?

You say it made some problem with mobo and PSU you mean those were working but was unstable ?

Can you please explain a bit more what happened with components after you saw spark ??

IMHO the spark could have been caused by a short circuit / incorrect pin contact on power connectors or faulty power supply and I doubt the 9600 can burnout the rest of the system. It could just be a case where it overloads a bad quality PSU and by removing it you minimise power draw from PSU and therefore eliminating the problem.

If I was you and didn't have any other low budget system to try the card just in case I would try the card in my main system as I think its unlikely to cause any problems.

If its burnt out it just won't work.
February 22, 2011 2:10:11 PM

but the power supply is very good... its huntkey titan 650w...
can the card be replaced with warranty??
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February 22, 2011 2:16:52 PM

noble said:

Can you please explain a bit more what happened with components after you saw spark ??

actually it is a biiiiiig story....

after the spark there was continuosly 2 beeps coming from the mobo... we thought that the mobo had some prob and replaced it with warranty.... then after it came again the 2 beeps came and now we thought that the processor could have been damaged.... so we replaced the processor also(my friend said processors rarely get damaged)... again the 2 beeps came....
so we gave our whole system to the shop where we bought it.... they saw that there were problems with the power supply since the system was switching off and on by itself... so they replaced the power supply and mobo to ensure that they dont have any probs...
finally they found that the 2 beeps were for graphics card...
my processor was i5 760..
i dint know that graphic card was a must for that processor till that day...
they plugged a gf card and the dislay came..... :sweat:  :sweat:  :sweat:  :sweat:  :sweat: 
February 22, 2011 2:27:38 PM

Well to be honest with you I'm a bit confused. At least you now have a working system.

To answer your question about the graphics card warranty, there are some cards that have 2 years or 3 or even lifetime warranty but I can't know in which category yours falls.

But if you returned the whole system to the place you bought it and they found that graphics card was the problem, why didn't they replace it ?

The huntkey which you are talking about is a brand I don't know about, not sure if someone else can vouch for it but at least its now a new item.

Not sure what you are saying that graphic card is a must for a processor but usually the graphics card comes with motherboard (onboard) or if not you have to buy one seperately. Now they make processors with graphics processor built together although i'm a bit left behind on specifics :p 

Your system now has a seperate graphics card or is it on motherboard ??
February 23, 2011 4:43:53 AM

the core i5-760 processor does not support onboard video...
actually i bought the graphic card from some other shop..
mine has 3 years of warranty and only 10 monts are over...
what my question is will they accept the card for replacement or will they consider it as a physical damage and reject it?????
February 23, 2011 5:02:08 AM

You can always try, if it's not something that was cause by your negligence or in no way have you used the product in an irrational manner I think you are elegible for a replacement.

I'm not much into warranty rules but in the end of the day...Is it your fault that the card is now faulty ?? I'm sure if you explain things when you return the card and all you say is true, it will make sense to them as well...