New laptops needed ASAP based on cost, need suggestions

I have an immediate need to acquire 4 or 5 NEW laptop computers, with a primary use of VPN, email and time-entry purposes... (yes, and as Homer Simpson was told, he'd need a top-of-the-line for that...)

I won't qualify for the "small business discounts" offered by Dell or HP, ect, so, I'm needing a bit of help finding a base-price for a basic laptop with the following:

Windows 7 Professional (or Enterprise)
non-mini / netbook (12"+)
Warranty: 1yr+

non-ATOM-class CPU
major name-brand
under $500ea
3yr warranty

I've been searching around, though I'm get'n tight on time and need to make a decision... thanks in advance =)
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  1. $500 might be an unrealistic goal, as that price range is normally a closeout price with an older OS, etc...
  2. Well the Hp ProBook 4530 is $494
    corei3 2310 2,1ghz
    15.6 inc
    4gb ram
    320gb HDD
    b/g/n wif

    I have never bought Dell so maybe someone who knows more about those models can chime in.
  3. Techbargains has a great list of laptop sales:

    Keep an eye on that list and bit when you see one at the right price. All that matters is your CPU, if you want to keep it simple. If you spend $499, you should get an i3-2310M. If you spend $400, try to get a P6100 or so.

    This is a decent CPU ranking:
    Compare everything to where a T4500 ranks. It's the minimum CPU I'd go for if I were you. I don't know about Athlon mobile CPU names too much. Check their ranking before you buy any.
  4. Thank you for the replies guys -

    I'm gonna see if I could get some of these approved:
    (However I do realize Newegg says this has a limit, but perhaps IBM directly may cut me a deal)...
  5. Wow! Nice find on Newegg. I hope you got it while it was in stock.
  6. i am not sure if you can get this or if you have already ordered but have a look at
  7. @wenqi--Those prices are pretty steep. Check out to see what kind of prices you can get for a good deal.
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