GTX 560 ti

Anyone running two 560s in SLI mode?

Which brand cards are you using?

Have you experienced any driver issues?
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  1. The reason I ask is I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on either a single 580 or two 560s. I want to know if I'm going to run into similar driver issues with an SLI setup that I experience with a crossfire setup.

    It's not that I don't like the capabilities of my 5850s, it's the support or lack thereof for the crossfire user that has me frustrated with each release. When you drop a nice chunk of change for something, you'd like as little hassle as possible, you know?
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    Really depends on the game. Newer games will have lesser issues. Also the best 560's are the MSI Twin Frozr II's and Asus DirectCU

    Thanks for the info. The games I play are Medal of Honor, BFBC2, and NBA2K11. Does anyone know of any issues with these in SLI?
  3. i have msi twin frozr sli so far no problem runing new drive. my 3dmark 11 score is here.
  4. ubercake said:
    Thanks for the info. The games I play are Medal of Honor, BFBC2, and NBA2K11. Does anyone know of any issues with these in SLI?

    bfbc2 don't support sli.
    here is the link for game can check your self.
  5. Quote:
    Yes it does. I've ran BC2 in SLI without any issues in the past.

    of course it run but you can't get benefit of sli.
    edit:-if i'm not wrong.if they wrong(nvidia web) :D
  6. limpman said:
    bfbc2 don't support sli.
    here is the link for game can check your self.

    Interesting. So is it that it's not officially supported?

    The reason I ask is there are plenty of benchmark sites that show the performance gains and scalability running BFBC2 with an SLI setup?
  7. This page might explain a few things:

    It states "NVIDIA® SLI™ technology can be enabled for every gaming application", but they provide optimizations for some apps.

    Maybe BFBC2 has no optimization or needs no optimization.

    PsychoSaysDie - Do you see any flicker at all while playing BFBC2? I occasionally have encountered it since I've gone to crossfire. It's not constant. But I can count on it at least once per session for about 5 seconds. It goes away altogether if I turn on Vsync, but the image quality is not as sharp with Vsync on. I don't want to run with Vsync.
  8. I went to Microcenter and picked up a single GTX 580. I removed the 3 5850s and replaced them with the GTX 580. I dropped about 15 fps (125fps ave.) with details on full in Medal of Honor multiplayer, but no longer have to deal with the AMD driver drama. NBA2K11 ran at the same framerate as with the 5850s (120 fps). BFBC2 ran around 10fps less on the 580 (85fps), but had absolutely none of the flicker I was accustomed to with the 5850s. Additionally, this is incredible performance from a single graphics card.

    So far I'm totally satisfied. The GTX 580 absolutely doesn't choke on smoke effects the way the AMD cards seemed to. There is also no flicker. This may be because I'm back to a single card? I was a little worried about going with the single card versus picking up a couple of 560s, but not any longer. The 560s would have been great, but I think I'll be fine with another 580 in the not so distant future (after I sell my 5850s).

    Don't get me wrong, the 5850s provided a great experience, though they did occasionally choke on smoke effects and flicker in the middle of a Medal of Honor or BFBC2 session (just when I would find a great hiding spot!).

    And seriously... the driver drama. You just never knew what wasn't going to work right from month to month. I liked ATI when ATI had a focus on video. In the pre-takeover days, you could count on the ATI drivers almost always improving performance in some way. You never even had to consider whether the freaking drivers would install correctly or not. AMD seems to have diluded the graphics team's focus and has lost the customer focus along the way (at least from the graphics-card standpoint). If it weren't for the drivers, some of the egos on the AMD forums (when you're there to find help and not hear about how you're the only one of the one trillion AMD graphics card owners with a problem since the most recent driver release), and the lack of response from the driver support team when I'd e-mail them, I'd probably be happy with the 5850s. They are great cards they're just lacking the support from the GPU driver team and the new ownership.
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