A6-3400M vs i3-2310M

I'm looking to buy a new laptop for <$500, and I can't decide between the AMD A6 3400M or Intel Core i3-2310M. I've been looking around, and I couldn't find any good articles/forum posts about the pros and cons of both processors. I've heard that the A6 has a superior GPU and the i3 has the superior CPU architecture.

I plan on using the laptop for mostly web browsing. But I will occasionally run Starcraft 2, Skype and Maplestory (single threaded application)
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  1. Nothing you want from it needs a lot of CPU power and the A6 is much better for games so I think the A6 is the much better choice.
  2. +1 for the A6-3400M :)
  3. It's worth bearing in mind that the A6 is not anywhere near as energy efficient so the battery life will probably be much shorter.
  4. Quote:
    umm... i dont know where you got that from, but both processors have a 35W max TDP, and both have either cool n' queit or speedstepping (so they underclock when not under load to save energy)...

    You are so right I'm sorry. I've been looking at the i3-2357M!
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