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Completed a new PC build and for past few months has been running fine, Set up is stock ,haven’t over clocked it or done anything to the Bios settings.

Yesterday went to power up, nothing……….

Looked inside and outside to make sure everything was still connected – all looks ok,

Tried again, all the fans came on for few seconds but then PC turned itself off,

Tried again, this time all fans came on for 5 seconds, turned off, fans again started up for five seconds, then turned off, this continued as if stuck in a loop until I turned power off, again looked inside to make sure wasn’t something obvious wrong…….

Tried again, this time all the fans come on full blast and keep going until I turned power off…….

Help, cant boot system up, either no response when I hit power on button or only the fans come on and get stuck in a loop, or simply turns it self off before it can boot up.

Could this be the motherboard has now failed?????

Running a Intel Core I7 2600K
Asus P8P67 Pro Intel P67 Board
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  1. Your post suggests either a short or a CPU temp problem. To test for the short, breadboard your system. Check out the link in my signature, at the end of the troubleshooting guide, you'll see a link to jsc's guide to breadboarding.

    If you want to make sure that your CPU isn't heating up too quickly, pull off the heatsink and check the thermal paste. Chances are that the application is good, after all, it's only be a few months since installation, but still, it would be good to check. If the paste appears to be dried or shows signs of cracking, clean off the thermal paste and reapply. I'd use Artic Silver 5.
  2. The chances are that your power supply has failed, substitution with a known good power supply would be the first thing that I would try before looking for more complicated (expensive) reasons.
  3. Hi

    My Video card is a Radeon 6970
    and my PSU a corsair AX750 Gold

    will check the thermal paste when i get home from work and look into "breadboarding" my system,

    Thanks for your advice
  4. Okay, open the case and look to see what runs if the cpu fan runs then the mother board works, if it's the PSU fan doesn't it's the PSU or could very well just be the MOBO.
  5. ok - i ended up replacing the Board, when i contacted the store i bought my parts from to check warrantys etc they sujested with the B3 revison that was avaliable for the board i should change it.

    This seems to have fixed the problem, Pc is booting up fine now,

    Thanks for everyones advice !
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