3DMark05 Score seems low..

Does anyone with a similar setup think my 3DMark05 score is a little low? I can't seem to get 3DMark06 working

gtx 580 sli

Nothing is oc'd

Thanks for your time
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  1. dont worry about synthetic benchmark scores, try playing games and compare your frame rates to benchmarks and see if you get the same or similar performance
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    Try comparing your results to a review of GTX 580 SLI for the same game.

    I don't think it's likely your system is screwed up. If your SLI is detected and working things should be correct.

    The only thing that could screw things up is if you only have a 32-bit operating system (which limits your RAM especially in SLI).

    Doubt you have a problem though.
  3. 3Dmark05 is quite a few years old.
    It may no recognize the new cards.
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  5. Thanks very much.

    I managed to get 06 working after I uninstalled my antivirus. It kind of sucks because it’s the first antivirus I actually paid for. Anyway the scores were within a few hundred of each other. All my games and everything work fine so I guess there’s no real problem. I was only a little worried something was configured wrong because all of the scores with similar systems were almost double mine. I'm not going to worry about it.

  6. Just as a little follow up if anyone is interested, I did a very slight oc to the cpu by .37 and my score in mark06 went up by over two thousand. I didn't realize the scores would jump so much. :)
  7. 3D Mark 11 is free to try... you should use that one.

    And yes for the composite score OCing the CPU can make a huge difference. Well, heck, even OCing the GPUs is going to make a big difference.
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