Doe this look way to good to be true??? - asrock pro3 gen3

hi was browsing through motherboards and spotted this - the description doe not seem to tie with the picture, or anything else other than on this site - here
could you just chexck it out because if it's true then you could be getting a £150 quid motherboard for £75!!!
thanks in advance
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  1. It's about the same price at, actually cheaper by $10 USD.

    However, I think you may be confusing it with this board.
  2. i do tend to agree - but in the Dabs description it claims " 2 x PCI Express 3.0 x16" - where the pro only has 1 - there are a whole load more differences between asrocks spec and dabs spec - for what they claim to be the same board!
  3. The details that said 2 3.0 slots was just a typo.
    The board on Dabs is the Pro3, not the Professional Gen3 that's much more that does have 2 3.0 slots.
  4. but don't they have to supply a product that fits the description? - so if it says it has two pcie x16 slots.... - then the one they sell me should have the same??? - also it says 2 in two different places in the description :heink:
  5. Well, all you can do is call them on it but the board shown in the picture is NOT the board that actually has those features.
  6. lol - there's no harm in asking for a discount for and upset customer :sarcastic:
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