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So I plan on putting together a new PC (or at least, one with a new motherboard and processor) fairly soon. I may buy Sandy Bridge but by the time I've worked out all this I might go straight for Ivy. Because of this I'd be looking for a motherboard that can support both. Anyway, with the launch of lots of new chipsets at the moment, I thought I'd ask the community a question about which chipset would best suit me:

-I do NOT plan on buying more than one graphics card
-I do NOT plan on overclocking my cpu (and I doubt I'll ever be motivated to, for those who suggest an OC friendly motherboard might be a good idea anyway).
-I don't plan on using an SSD.

Those are the criteria currently influencing my decision... I'm leaning towards H77 or Z75. Beyond the actual chipset, though, I haven't begun to look at too many specific motherboards. And I suppose I could find a basic Z77 one which might be in the same price range as the other chipsets. Price isn't a huge issue for me, but I'd prefer not to find myself paying for features which I won't use, such as dual gpus or OCing features. A second related question would be whether many of the features that the Z77 chipset has are native to all z77 motherboards, or only some (e.g. I know there are z77s which do not support 2 x 8 PCIe, when the chipset supports it).Thanks!
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  1. some Z68 boards like Asrock support PCIE 3.0, and very budget friendly. I'd wait for benchmarks,tests and reviews on Z77 boards before I venture into those. Just me.
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