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Looking for a graphics card with a specific combination of features

I have a Gateway SX2800-3 that has on-board video and a small 220w power supply. I am looking to get a graphics card that has both good graphics and a low power consumption. Cost isn't too much of an issue but the card has to be low profile. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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  1. You're limited by the low profile; the fastest card for low profile is the Palit GTS 450 but that consumes 100w which might be too much for your system.

    Most low-profile cards don't need an extra PCIe power connector and are usually weak and crappy so it's not much of a problem; just don't expect anything great.
  2. You have the option to upgrade your power supply to a Seasonic SS-300TFX Active PFC 300 Watt power supply unit that should fit in the Gateway SX2800-03 case.

    If you upgrade the power supply then you should be able to use a Radeon HD 5570 or a GeForce GT 430 without having to worry about any power problems.

  3. Low profile GT 240 would be your best bet, assuming your PSU really has a usable 220 watts.
  4. I do not recommend the GT 240. It uses too much power for a 220w PSU.

    The HD 5570 would be the most powerful card I would consider installing.
  5. The chart I posted that isn't showing up now showed a 512mb version of the 240 using less power than the 5570 in there test system. I have no idea if that's accurate or not though.
  6. If you are not gaming(did you mean gaming for good graphics or just good graphics for DVD and the web it self?), anything low profile will work.

    My media center used to have a passive low profile 4350(good for all the video tasks, but can not even play left 4 dead 2 well(to low fps for that kind of game), yet SC2 played at low...) from asus in it. Good little card and no loud fan.

    That system now has a 5770(non low profile, but the system is now a small ITX machine) since i wanted to do some gaming on it. All with a 300 watt psu, but i know that one(psu) can handle it.

    IF you are stuck and want to game, my bet would be a 5570, just make sure its not one with a dual slot low profile bracket(my asus is that way).

    Also can you get the +12 volt amps on that psu on the system.
  7. Thank you guys for all the info so far. Oddly enough the Seasonic 300 TFX does NOT fit my case (the PSU in the case was custom made specifically for that case). I do want to use this for gaming but I understand that I'm not going to get the greatest performance out of a machine like this. Just looking for the best combination of low power consumption and good graphics.
  8. if not for heavy duty gamins a 5570 would fit any htpc/ web browsing needs and then games in low-medium settings depending on the resolution of the monitor
  9. lowest power consumption is done by only hd 5450.lowest.nothing lower than that.but its sick at performance same as must look into upgrading power supply aswell.then get something like gts 250/450/hd 4850/hd 5750.
  10. Honestly if you wanted to game, you shouldn't have bought that at all. Your only option now is to either buy a really low end card or buy a new case, new PSU, and a decent card.
  11. Yeah I kinda figured I wouldn't be gaming but then I discovered Steam :). Is there a 1GB low-profile video card out there that anyone would recommend for a system with a 220w PSU? Thanks again everyone for all your help.
  12. ^ thats a rediculous price for a 5570... $185

    here's one for 65 with free shipping, 55 after 10 dollar rebate
  13. Yeah it was just the first one I came across. I'm not here to find competitive prices for people lol. Although looking at those two cards, the one I linked has a much shorter bracket (whatever that's called). So I guess it depends on what the case can take.
  14. yea it comes with the low profile bracket basically you change the bracket and lose the vga, or if two slots available flip to use the vga above , :D

    yours was VHDCI connector (support 4 DVI digital monitors simultaneously)
    only though not usual vga/dvi/hdmi, but yea understandable i don't always look at price, but what stood out was the funky multimonitor output ... then the price
  15. g00fysmiley said:
    ^ thats a rediculous price for a 5570... $185

    here's one for 65 with free shipping, 55 after 10 dollar rebate

    This one says it needs a 400w minimum PSU, will it be okay for my system? If so i'm all over this one. Thanks!
  16. The card it self under full load can only draw up to 40 watts. so depending on the rest of the system as well as the 12 volt current(amps) on the psu it may or may not run. Can we get the 12 volt power or a picture of the psu label?
  17. nukemaster said:
    The card it self under full load can only draw up to 40 watts. so depending on the rest of the system as well as the 12 volt current(amps) on the psu it may or may not run. Can we get the 12 volt power or a picture of the psu label?

    Where would I find the 12 volt power?
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    On the side of the power supply(the same place it lists it as a 220 watt psu) there is a sticker with the specs. It should have something like +12 volt XXamps

    if its multi rail, it will be +12v1 and +12v2, ect. But in that case, there will be a total 12 volt current or wattage.

    I am gonna take a guess from most of those style psu's that it is 14 amps MAX so only 168watts.

    Ok, so if you are running a Q8200 @ 2.33 ghz. Intel specs this as a 95 watt part. Yet most psu calcs put it under 65 watts. This makes sense to me as it is a 45nm part.

    The video card is rated at 40 from amd. Clearly the link from jaguarskx shows it is closer to 20(this i also believe to be true, unless you are pushing furmarks)

    So take off 30 to be safe

    Board, it is a mini dtx(it has 2 expansion slots unlike ITX) style board, so chances are its not gonna take even 10-15(my ITX board idles at 40 with a I5 750 + 5770 in it so yeah, i guess your board is not a power hog either.)

    Hard Drive

    8 watts MAX(6.6 from the 12 volt rail on WDC Blue drives)

    75 cpu
    30 video
    15 board
    8 hard drive
    20 watts for a blue ray drive :)( about 15 watts for most dvd burners MAX and this is when burning.)

    So your at 148 if you load the system to the max. This said, it will never get loaded like this in most cases. I say you should be able to give this a shot.

    As long as the power supply can push its rated power.

    Also check make sure you have room for the video card next to the cd drive since it looks close(if its that long, measure it out if you can).
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