Which one should i choose?

i want to overclock my amd 955 running at 3.2 default atm and ive lowered my choices between the corsair h50 and arctic cooling freezer 13 which one should i go with a water block or a high end air cooler? what are the risks of going with the corsair h50? ive heard many bad things about water leaking about water cooling but the reviews for the h50 are mostly positive

my build
amd 955 black edition 3.2ghz
evga 550ti
4 gb ram
rosewill challenger
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  1. In my opinion It depends on how much you overclock it you dont want ur temp to go above 38C. If your planning on going over 4ghz then i would go with the Corsair water cooler but i would not get the H50 being that it was the first one they made and yes they did have some issues with them but since then they have come out with the H60 and H70 which are much better and safer in my opinion.
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