Asus Crosshair Formula V and AMD 8150 eight core

I am doing my first build. I am using an Asus Crosshair Formula V motherboard and an AMD 8150 eight core processor. The cpu cooling fan from AMD doesn't fit. The clips / hooks on the fan are not quite long enough. The need about another 3/8". I contacted ASUS; no one there could answer my question. Coolerrmaster suggested the V8. does anyone have any suggestions?? Is there a CPU fan that is kind of universal??

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  1. The Stock cooling fan, should fit, AMD's socket bracket is pretty much hasn't changed at all on any of the AM series sockets.
  2. The stock bracket should fit. The stock heatsinks are universal between AM2/AM3/AM2+/AM3+.... Make sure the little lever is the right way. One directions raises the hinges the other way lowers the hinges. Also try angling the Heatsink so to mount the side without the swing latch first then set heatsink flat and work on side with swing latch. I like AMD Latch system way better than INTELS 4 post snap design. The 4 post on INTELS don't like to release half the time even after turning the posts in the release directions and hearing them pop loose ...they still cling to the board and you have to fight with them... AMD is better! IMO.
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