Problems with new build :(

wasnt sure where to post this so i think i got the right forum... i built my new gaming pc(first build) and it all boots up LED's turn on fans spin , i even put in a couple of discs and the computer sounds like it's running it.

But, the monitor displays nothing.
I've tried monitor with a different pc and it's fine just not with this. Anybody know what could be wrong here? maybe i got some wiring wrong? any help really appreciated as im kind of panicking thinking i've blown like 600 quid or something.
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer, and congrats on the new build. I wouldn't concern yourselft too much, as a first-timer, it is natural to think of the worst when your build doesn't boot properly. Click on the link in my signature. Work through every applicable step. Also, be sure to check out jsc's breadboarding guide; it's at the bottom of the troubleshooting checklist. If the checklist doesn't help, use it as a template to post back with the results/observations of everything you've tried.
  2. First of all congratulations on your first build! Please don't panic thinking you've done something horribly wrong, it can be quite a natural experience for your first build. Even after many, many builds - you can still have something go wrong.

    Just try and work through that link about boot problems, and post back with something as suggested. It will probably end up being something simple that can easily be rectified.
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