AMD C-50 or intel pentium?

choosing a laptop soon, can only get a really cheap one, should i get one with an AMD C-50 1.6ghz, or a intel pentium 2ghz? they are both dual core but which is better the amd or the intel, the intel has more ghz but im not sure how much of a difference it makes. any help or oppinions?
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  1. Which pentium exactly?
  2. Seem like a strange comparision. If the Pentium is a Penryn or Merom for example, it will be a couple generations old and a likely a used notebook.

    The C-50 is 1 Ghz, not 1.6 I think your thinking of th E-350.
    Even if the Pentium performed a little better (the CPU part), I will still get the C-50 if 10 inch or E-350 if 11 inch. Just becasue it's much more efficent and has newer standards.
    If more than 12", there are many budget choices.
    The graphics part isn't so bad as well.

    What will use the laptop for?
  3. just advertised as pentium dual core 2.0ghz, the amd i was told by the sales rep it was dual core 1.6ghz, but they were both fairly new, the amd was in a satellite c650-bt4n11 and the pentium was in an asus k52f-bbr5, both use ddr3 and are somewhat new models, i ended up buying the asus though anyway, gettimng it on tuesday, 15.6" screen, intel pentium p6100 (i think), 3gb ddr3 memory, 720p screen, chocolate brown gloss thingy design on the cover (wish i could have gotten black but its all ther was for refurb on tigerdirect but it looks okay so i dont mind) saw some reviews and one guy upgraded the ram to 8gb and said it was a beast after he did,m he was runing a good screen recorder and some other stuff when he made the vid and had no lag. hope its a decent laptop, it has to at least play minecraft at regular settings, wich is much better thanm my compaq i have atm :/
  4. the c-50 was an "AMD dual core c-50 accelarated prossesor" is how they advertised it btw, and the pentium i thinkl was advert as "intelk pentium dual core p6100 (2.0ghz)" the computer i desided to get is 300$, which is about all i can afford (mowing lawns is not exactly a "get rich quick" technique lol.
  5. well they were sortof in my price range, the c-50 with a discount code was the same at the pentium of the same brand without the 20$ off, but i ended upo getting an ASUS K52F-BBR5 with 15.6" screen, intel pentium p6100 2.0ghz, 3gb RAM (i'll eventually upgrade to 8gb) and 320gh hdd. i got it refurb for 317$ with shipping, pretty good since its 450$ new from bestbuy and i got the refurb from tiger direct, i'll be getting it tomorow woot!
  6. and i am pretty sure the e-350 is single core, i found one variant that was advertised as dual core wioth 1.6ghz but i think even though pentium p6100 is a somewhat older variant it is still better.
  7. I agree.
  8. Quote:
    E-250 is a dual core, the E240 is a single core.
    E series are higher clocked than the C series,
    the Pentium P6100 is a 32nm Nahalem based CPU with hyperthreading cutted, so the CPU will vastly outperform the AMD E-350, but IGP performance is a big lol, IMO :)

    i know this is a really old post i started, ive had the laptop for quite a while now, but your right, the igp is awful, sometimes even minecraft has spikes of 2 fps (LOL) i think i didnt replay at the time because i didnt know what igp was (also lol) but i accidently clicked something in "my threads" and saw it and i waslt last reply so i checked it out, anyhow im not so stupid now but yea, still happy i got the asus, much better, my sister's toshiba's hard drove failed after like 2 weeks.
  9. oh i dont, its just mainly a school laptop/general use that i hope to make last about 4 years (high school) then i may upgrade, i can play the few current games i play, mainly minecraft, but the oerformance isnt great, and i didnt expect it to be, still a nice little machine though.
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