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Hey guys,

Quick question. I am currently using 2x2GB Kingston Hyper X 1600Mhz sticks in my system. I know that my mobo only limits them to 1333Mhz. However, i'm wanting to install more RAM and someone bought me a Kingston Hyper X 1600Mhz 4GB (Red Limited Edition) Module. So, my question is can I just install this RAM into my motherboard and expect it to work? Or should I buy another matching module and replace the other two. Also, is it possible to install 2x4GB RAM and have a total of 12GB?

Thanks, Chris.
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  1. I would suggest buying a 2nd of the 4GB module for optimal configuration - meaning keep the 2x 2GB installed, and add the 2x 4GB along side (12GB total). Your board is dual channel, therefore you should install the modules in pairs.

    However, technically you should be able to install this module (total of 3 modules) and it should work. Refer to your manual as to the proper configuration for 3 modules. In doing this though, your board will step down from dual channel to single channel. It's not the end of the world to do this, but there will be a degradation in performance. However, you may gain overall performance by having more RAM.

    But 2 things to note;
    - Because the modules are not identical, there is a chance they will not play together. But they are really close, so you have a really good chance they will work. Won't hurt to try.

    - If you have a 32-bit OS, you will not see any more RAM than what you already have installed (32-bit OSes are limited to 4GB).
  2. Hey psaus,

    Just read your post and I appreciate the help :) I think i'll give it ago and if not wait until my 2nd 4GB module arrives. I'll try the 12GB configuration and if not just stick with 2x4GB since i'm running a 64-bit OS.

    Thanks again, Chris.
  3. If you like digging in your case and/or it's easy to, you can throw in this 3rd module now to see if it works. Not going to hurt anything. And if you see that your system (games) are slower with this 3rd module, then you know you need dual channel. But you'll also know if the module will work.
    If you're not so inclined to dig into your system, then wait. :)
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