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currently i am using an ati radeon sapphire 4870 gpu which is running pretty well, but with crysis 2 coming out i want to run it on max settings so i was thinking of getting a second 4870 to crossfire. So i was wondering if i could crossfire a 4870 made by diamond with my 4870 made by sapphire
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  1. any 4870 will crossfire with another regardless of brand. The only thing is that both cards will default to the lower cards clock speeds (if different). Do you have 1GB or 512MB cards? if 512MB then i would consider a high end HD5K or mid to high end HD6K as a better alternative. But if the other 4870 is coming in for a good price then I would pick it up; I grabbed another 4850 for my system on the cheap and could not be happier.
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