2500k New Build, Need help with options!

This is my first build in years but this is what I think that I want so far... ( I plan on buying within the next few days)

($329) i5-2500k & MSI P67A-G43 CPU/MOBO Combo
(109.99) HAF 912 & RS650 650watt coolermaster CASE/PSU Combo
(59.99) Western Digital HDD 640GB
(20.99) LG DVD Burner

Total so far is ($520)

I still need RAM and eventually when I can afford it I want to put in a HD 6950 (XFX b/c of lifetime warranty)

I was thinking about just putting in 4GB XMS3 ram (its really cheap) I am scraping the money bucket on this one and need to keep it cheap.

Please let me know what you think!


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    The i5-2500k is a great choice. The motherboard will be fine unless you want an extreme overclock as it doesn't has as much as some of the high priced boards.

    RAM is RAM. Corsair is usually higher in price with less performance than other brands such as Mushkin and OCZ. Just find a good deal on a nice pair and you'll be fine as long as its DDR3 of coarse.

    I would invest more in a different HDD. The faster HDD come in 500GB or 1TB generally speaking. The Samsung F3 series is a great choice.

    The HAF912 is perfect for your needs. Keep it if you can live with how ugly it is.
  2. What is your total budget?
  3. Country? US or Canada?
  4. I don't really have a budget, I'm poor and want the best I can get. I'm selling my old pc for $400 and i'm trying to justify this build as an "upgrade" from my old computer instead of just upgrading the one I have.

    (old computer is an i5-750 that I got from craigslist for 300. I was going to just keep it but in order to update graphics card & cpu cooler, I would need a new PSU and Case, and just for $180 more, I am upgrading to this new build, kinda crazy but I'm excited for the new machine)

    I will look at the Samsung F3, and I'll look some more about ram. With the video card I just need something that I can play black ops and bad company 2 at full settings 1920x1080. I also want it to be able to perform the same for the new battlefield 3 that will be coming out. I hope i'm not over-doing it with a 6950, maybe I could get the desired results with something cheaper?


  5. what kinda case and psu do you have. is it a prebuilt computer
  6. It was a Apevia 500 watt case/psu combo

    I just sold it 5 minutes ago.

    I'm going to start loading my cart at newegg :)
  7. There are also two combo deals at newegg... I think what I was planning to buy (that I first posted) is better than these combo deals... what do you think?

    The first combo deal is $540 but the case and PSU aren't as good and wont the samsung f3 be better than a segate hdd?

    The second combo is $576 and has a better case and mobo, but I think the PSU had bad reviews...

    Out of my three options... (first listed above, with two and three as listed here) which one would be my best buy?

    Right now I have a corsair h50 that I got from Craigslist New in Box for $45 and I want a case that can fit it well and manage cables. I want a PSU that will support a 6950, and a good hdd and ram.

    Sorry if i'm being absolutely nuts, I just want to spend my little money wisely! and come out on top with the best gaming computer I can possibly squeeze.


  8. there nothing wrong with the rosewill case and the antec psu. antec is top tier brand psu. as for the hard drive there nothing wrong seagate hard drives. samsung is a little better but not enough to worry about. coolermaster psu are not very good. i would buy the second. if it was me. should be a nice computer
  9. do u have a video card because that motherboard need a seperate graphic card.
  10. yeah I have a POS but it will work until I can buy a real videocard
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