Is 500watt enough for Radeon 6950

I just bought a radeon 6950 thats being delivered in a few days and I have a 500 watt OCZ psu. I did some research and some people have said 500 watt is sufficient depending on the brand of the psu. So I would like to ask you if my OCZ 500 watt is enough for a sapphire radeon 6950 2gb. I Don't plan to unlock the card btw.
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  1. Yes.
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    A 500W OCZ unit will be fine, a 500W linksys unit would not. OCZ units are pretty good, not great but they are capable of their stated output while staying in spec.
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  4. I agree, you should be okay.

    Most people forget it's not just about the overall Wattage, you also need to compare the CURRENT the PSU supplies for the video card. But since it's an OCZ it's probably fine.
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