How di i increase the vram. i have a videocard of nvidia geforce 8200M G. and a

hello I need help
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  1. You cant. VRAM is dedicated to the chip, the best you can do is you may be able to increase the shared video memory in BIOS, but chances are the GPU wont be able to make much use of it since its not very strong and shared memory is significantly slower than dedicated vram.
  2. Shared memory is only for onboard graphics.

    That's a really low-end card if you are talking about using it for games. If you wanted to play certain games I'd have to know your basic system specs (CPU, RAM, Motherboard) to recommend a graphics card because an old CPU would limit how much graphics power your system can utilize.
  3. the system specs are AMD turion dual core RM 72, 2.1GH, 3gb ram. nvidia geforce 8200M G.
  4. Im a graphic designer an im using a compaq cq50 107ee
    4G ram
    nvidia gf 8200m
    320G HDD
    AMD athlon 64bit 1900MHZ
    windows 7 ultimate 64bit

    How can i get better garaphics out of the chip and how do i share more memory ?
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