Getting sound to come threw my headset

i just updated my sound drivers but i cant get sound to come out of my headset now.

i was messing with some settings and the best i got was half volume coming from my laptop speakers and half volume coming from my headset now i get no sounds from any websight out of either of my speakers.

if i click the test option in the playback devices i can get that but left side comes out of my headset and right comes out of my computer.

its an analog headset so btw so i cant find it under devices what should i do.
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  1. i restarted and now i get sound but its back to half the volume goes to laptop the other half goes to headset. i want full volume to go to either one or the other please help me.
  2. obody knows how to fix this??
  3. Can u use the system restore?
  4. Go to control panel, go to the sounds tab, and set your headset as the default output device.
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