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Hello guys! I'm here to ask you something!:) I have a custom pc, my specs are
Phenom 955T Black edition 8mb Cache
Kfa2 GeForce GTS450 Oc Edition
4Gb ram (Kingston)
HDD 400gb
450W PSU

And I like to record gameplays, and I've tried so many softwares, like Fraps,Bandicam and DxTory!
But the issue is, I get lag, my fps keep tropping, and I was thinking of, if I upgrade my Ram from 4gb to 8gb will I increase my frame rate?

My gpu is good! I can play Bf3 maxed out with 45fps, no problem! And my cpu is awesome!

Thanks! :hello:
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  1. Are yu using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows? If 32-bit, adding the memory will have no affect. If 64-bit, you might see some improvement.

    Are you OCing your CPU? Also, what make/model of PSU are you using?
  2. I have W7 Ultimate 64bit

    My psu is kinda economic one! So I was thinking to upgrade that too! to a 600w one
  3. Would you reccomend me this one? I dont have loads of money atm! :/

  4. Honestly, I would recommend you stay with what you have (just back off on any overclocking plans) until you have the resources to purchase a better quality PSU. One like this Corsair PSU:

  5. Oh great!:D I will save some money to get something good then! SO upgrading my ram from 4gb to 8gb will increase my fps by atleast 10%-15%?
    Will i be able to play mw2 1280x720 High, but all the particles off, except Specular Maps with a playable frame rate? Like 50fps?
  6. The additional memory will help your game/apps work more efficiently and not have to use as much virtual memory (when the HDD is used to augment your main memory, a.k.a. RAM). So a performance increase of 10 to 15 percent, when running mutliple apps, is possible.

    For your MW2 settings, at the resolution/settings you are using, you are actually stressing your CPU more than your GPU. Adding the additional memory won't speed up your GPU, but will allow the CPU to operate better.

    What is the native resolution of your display?
  7. I dont have my pc near me now, because im back to italy, my hometown (I live in manchester), but I guess its the 1440x900!:)
  8. You should game at the native resolution of the display. Given your system, your frame rates should still be okay at the higher setting. It will look better and your GPU will carry more of the processing load.

    Also, make sure the memory you install is matched (sold in pairs). Mixing memory brands can cause the system to work in single channel vice dual channel mode. While the performance difference isn't all that huge, there is no use adding memory to take (an even slight) a performance hit.
  9. Thank oyu so much! and sure, i will be going with a friend of mine, he's a programmer and good at computer hardware, he will help me out with the purchasing issue! Cheers!:)
  10. Good luck and have fun!!!
  11. Thanks! You too
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