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I would appreciate any advice on this but I'm fearing the worst. I'm fairly computer literate but not at the level of having built my system.

Pre-built system (Chillblast):
Antec Three Hundred Black Case
Intel Core I7 940 2.93GHz overclocked to 3.4 GHz
Asus P6T Deluxe X58 Motherboard
Arctic Silver 5 Paste
3 additional 120mm Cooling Fans
6GB DDR3 PC2-10666 Memory
Radeon HD 4870 512MB
WD 1000GB 7200RPM Hard Disk
Corsair High Performance 750W PSU

What happened
Just moved back from living abroad for a year with computer in the back of my car. I did all the moving and there was no big bumps that I know of.

On arrival, computer was sitting beside table when cup of tea was knocked over (black, weak, no sugar). Computer had no power cable in at the time. "A little" (i.e. not sure, but not much) tea went in through the top chasis fan.

What I did
I immediately mopped this and opened the case. Inside there was little to see, literally a couple of drips on the video card which were mopped and some drips around the case. Nothing apparent on the motherboard.

I took the other side of the case and the front panel off and left for 48 hours. Was never plugged in during any of this.

Put everything back together again yesterday and disaster.

On turning on power supply, the power and reset lights on the motherboard come on, together with a case light (photo flash card drive). On pushing the chasis power button absolutely nothing happens. On pushing motherboard buttons nothing happens (not sure if you can boot from these anyway?).

What I've done
Not much. Had a good look round and ensured all motherboard connections are firm. Have re-seated ram (have tried booting with each single stick in the b1 slot and nothing). Have taken off heat sink fan and all looks normal (to me). Incidentally, should I now get new thermal paste should I ever get it going? Video card is well seated etc.

What do I think?
It all seems a bit catastrophic for what happened, but given the power supply seems to be working I am presuming some sort of CPU/motherboard failure.

What would I like advice on?
I have no spare parts or anything like that so not really in a position to do much testing. From the description above, is there anything obvious I'm missing. (Have changed power lead, checked plug works etc.).

This is a relatively new system with lots of pricey components. If it sounded like the motherboard, would it be risky for me to get a new one and fit it? How difficult would it be to get the processor out of my old one and put it in the new one?

I've gently investigated local "computer repair shops" and none have particularly inspired me with confidence that they could do more than me, but that is maybe being unfair. That might be the best plan?

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Incidentally, the tea was my wives, not mine, and she did the knocking over. But I've been really nice about it.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I see that this is not a good forum for this question. Would appreciate it if you could point me to some where more appropriate.

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi there,

    U moved back from living abroad. From where to where?

    Are u using the same electricity?

    Make sure that the voltage switch on the back of the power supply is set to the proper voltage level for your country.

    North America and Japan use 110/115v, while Europe and many other countriesuse 220/230v.

    In most cases the switch will come preset to the voltage settings for your region.
  3. Hi Nikorr, thanks for the thought. We moved from the Netherlands to the UK so no change in voltage level. However, despite the lights being on the board the PSU output is very low. Will replace.

    Best wishes,

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