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Does the 6870 support x3 or x4 crossfire?
Looking to get a board that has x4 slots @x8 each for the 6870 and i was wondering if the 6870 even supports that many.
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  1. I know you can x2 crossfire but i've never seen a x3 or x4 6870 crossfire.
  2. By examining reviews, it looks like the 6870 is only capable of doing normal crossfire. I *think* the 5970 is the only chip that can do crossfire X (X4)
  3. Are you sure?Not even x3?
  4. Your best bet is to go for the 6950 CF, i've seen reviews saying it got higher frames rates than the 5970 and GTX 580
  5. I'm pretty sure it can only do crossfire, i cant find any where saying it can run more than two. 3-way mainly focuses on Nvidia
  6. I was reading over at overclockers that it's speculation that with the 68xx series cards they might do what they did with the 5770's where only a few companies released versions that would allow for tri/quad crossfire.So i guess theirs still hope for my 6870.
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    perhaps yes, but then again how many games utilize properly with 4-way and 3-way lol ? very few thats for sure.
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