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I have an odd problem.
When I turn my computer on it makes one sharp beep noise, loads up the OS; and then I get a blue screen (for a few miliseconds, can't read what it says) and my computer restarts.
I try to run windows normally, in safemode etc but it doesn't work, it just does the same thing.

I went into some sort of bios setting and saw a whole lot of information, from the temperature of my motherboard and CPU to my RAM.

Here's the odd thing, I've read that my problem only occurs if the RAM is incompatible, but my RAM is recognized by my system, it lists it correctly through the BIOS.

Is it possible that even though your system recognizes the RAM, the RAM may not be compatible?
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  1. Go ahead and list your system specifications, please.
  2. xunicronx said:
    Go ahead and list your system specifications, please.

    Asrock pro3 gen3 z68
    I7 2600k
    Stock cooler - nothing overclocked by me.
    Asus 560 ti TOP model (overclocked by them at 900mhz)
    Corsair vengeance DDR3 CL9 1600mhz
    Seasonic 140GB 5400RPM HDD
    64GB SSD (empty atm)
    No CD-ROM connected
    Corsair TX650 V2 PSU (650watts)

    That's all, I get one beep and my BIOS is by AMI I believe.
  3. I found out that I don't don#t a cmos plug like this guy does in his video, but I do have the pins for cmos.
    The video, go to about 40seconds in.
  4. I reinstalled my OS (Windows Xp 32bit) on ym 64bit i7 2600k.
    It worked like a charm! Hopefully when I close down my stsem and reboot it'll still work.
    I also installed the RAM in another slot.
    Gonna install the second stick.
    Wish me luck!
    (P.S: The ram in my system is not listed as supported, but it is DDR3 1600MHz CL9)
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