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So today I went out and got a Cool Master Extreme Plus 550watt PSU and a Gigabyte 5770 to put in my current computer which I've have for about 3 years. but when I put the power supply in and connected it all together and turned it on I was getting no power to my monitor at all, I've tried unplugging all the cords and reconnecting all the cords. also for some reason I don't belive that the card is getting sufficient power cause when I take off the power adapter from PSU to Graphics card the computer loads up like normal but still nothing from the monitor! Please help!

Btw the Motherboard is an Asus P5LP-LE
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  1. So I beleive that the Video Card isn't getting enough power, because when I use the addtional power adaptor that came with the video card it doesnt allow my comptuer to load up but when I take the 5770 out and put in my old 9600gt it loads up and runs. Surely the 550watt PSU should be enough to run the Video Card? maybe I need to plug in additional power somewhere?
  2. The ati 5770 needs at least 450watt, the card is most likely faulty. Send it back.
    One of these MUST be your card go on the website and look to see what it is check the power first your should be very well able to run the card.

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