SuperDoctor III Not Reading CPU Temp and Fan Speed

I have a whitebox with a SuperMicro P8SCT and I have been getting mysterious beeps from the board. They are not like post beeps - more like long drawn out beeps that seem to happen more when I am running an install/uninstall so I am thinking maybe fan speed/cpu temp, etc. The PC is running just fine though.

So, I installed SuperDoctor III and it is reading power levels, but nothing else - fan speed and cpu temp is not registering at all. Is there something I can do to fix this?

The machine is running Windows 7 64-Bit.

Also, I am not sure if this could be related, but the intrustion alert keeps activating. I will clear it and it will activate immediately again. I can check that out mechanically but otherwise would like the fan and cpu sensors to work. Thanks!

Oh, and the limits are not set under Monitoring for either of these two as well. Not sure if that makes a difference.

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  1. Try hwmonitor and see what it says.

    Go to:
  2. Tried hwmonitor and it only has the temp of the hard drives. It has nothing else listed at all.
  3. Is your BIOS current? Sounds like your temp sensors are "missing". Flashing your BIOS to the most current version might "find" them. Even if you have the current version installed, re-flashing the BIOS could resolve this issue.
  4. Yeah, looking in the BIOs - I do see the sensors are working in the hardware monitor section. I tried flashing the bios earlier from within Superdoctor and it failed with an error so I am a little timid to try now. This is a pretty major production server. I may bite the bullet though and just go for it.
  5. Actually, as I look at it - it very well may be the processor heating up too much...Just sitting in bios it is getting to about 145 F, the alarm is set to be at 167 F so it is a good chance. Looks like I am going to have to reapply some thermal paste, which I do not necessarily mind - it is taking the old crap off that is the biggest pain!!

  6. Make sure you evict any dust bunnies or hairballs inside your rig as well. While you are at it, verify that all of your fans are actually working.

    Good luck!
  7. Yeah, I did all that. Funny story..after checking BIOS settings, I rebooted and the alarm continued forever - never turned was driving me crazy(the sound and figuring out what was causing it). Well, as I checked the monitoring, for some reason the fan speed monitor was set to like 3800 RPM and it was only running 1800 ish. This was not the cause of my original problem, but funny that it happened like that. I set it back in SuperDoctor and guess what? Now my temp sensors (and all others) are working now? Weird.
  8. Weird indeed....Sounds like you may have some "custom settings" in your BIOS for fan control. If you revert to default settings (disabled...this makes your fans run at 100% all of the time), what happens to your temps?
  9. Well, while I am not sure what was causing the first set of beeps (before I installed Superdoctor) I did discover the problem with the beeps that would start and never stop. It was because on the Superdoctor monitor, the CPU and System temp was set to N/A instead of an actual value. I set it to what I have in the BIOS and as soon as I clicked set the beep stopped.

    Thanks for the help!
  10. You did good! You are most welcome!!!
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