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I am looking for a cheap Video card. As a student in high school money is tight. My budget is $50ish and locations are Microcenter Fry's Tigerdirect Newegg

MotherBoard- Jetway M26GT4D3-LF :(
Cpu- Athlon II X3 450
Hard Drive- Western Digital 500AAKS
Ram- Crucial 2GB 1333 MHz
Intergrated Graphics

I don't care about brand Ati Nvidia makes no difference. Links if possible

Thanks for your help
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    The ATI Radeon HD 4650 is your best bet for ~$50. Whenever you want to look up something like this always check Tom's Hardware Best Graphics Card for the Money for the month.
  2. Thanks for the inf would you recommend any thing for future. cpu mobo any takes
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  4. For CPU/mobo, I'd recommend the i5 2500k paired with the ASUS Sabertooth. i5 is the best CPU for price/performance right now, and I've never had a bad experience with any ASUS mobos, and unless you're OC'ing, this should be a great board.
  5. yeah i will save for that major upgrade over the summer. but i'm not really an Intel person
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