Is over 1GB of VRAM necessary?

on 1920x1080?

Lets say i had an infinitely powerful CPU, RAM, PSU etc. and a GTX 560 Ti 1GB; would the lack of more than 1GB have an effect on performance? i commonly hear people on youtube say that it is one of the few games that actually NEEDS more than a gig to be fully maxed out including view distance at respectable frame-rates.

I'm getting a GTX 560 Ti 1GB. i will overclock it heavily (hopefully to 1GHz +) , but that doesn't change the amount of VRAM.

should i get 6950 2gb instead for roughly the same price? or is even GTX 570 or 580 necessary? i don't really want to spend more than $300 on a card, but i will if it can max out this games and possible sequels
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  1. Yes GTA 4 needs over 1GB of VRAM to 'max' it out, you can always pick up a GTX 5602GB card.
  2. GTA IV needs a quad core atleast to run smooth, i could get my ole 8800GT 512mb to run it on medium "smooth" but the biggest difference was because i overclocked my Q6600 from 2.4ghz to 3.5ghz (made the most difference)
  3. Right^
    GTA IV relies more on the CPU rather than GPU,so as long as you have a fairly powerful quad core CPU,you can max it out with GTX 560(no matter 1GB or 2GB)
  4. Still, to actually get all the sliders to their maximum, you must have more than 1GB of Vram at 1920x1080 or higher.
  5. With all other settings maxed you can get view distance to about 80/100 with 1gb of Vram at 1920x1080.
    1.5Gb, or proabably even 1.3Gb would be enough to totally max it out.
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