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Motherboard for 1090t

I finally have the chance to buy a new motherboard after a few years. I have a 1090t BE, and I was thinking of getting this.
I will be overclocking with it, so will this board serve me well? I will probably buy a new heatsink aswell, is the Hyper 212+ EVO still the best choice? I will also be buying new RAM since I'm still using DDR2, and this seems like a good deal . Any other recommendations?
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    That's a great board choice, and RAM also!
    Can't beat Ripjaws for the price!
    Yes, the Hyper 212 EVO is pretty much the most popular heatsink out there.

    ASRock is very popular for Overclockers.

    Here is a 3-way compare, including the board you chose, and two others.
    The power phase design indicates how well you can OC your CPU, and as you jump from the Extreme3 the OC capabilities increase. Of course, all have TurboUCC which is the built-in overclocking utility that will autotune for best efficiency while OC'ing, so don't feel like you have to go beyond the Extreme3 to OC, just wanted to show your options.

    NOTE: Based on the reviews on NewEgg for those with your CPU, seems the Fatality has some space issues, the board has a very busy layout. Most people are pretty happy with both Extreme3 and Extreme4 and you probably won't get that much of a boost from the 4 over the 3.
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