*EXTREMELY* loud computer

Hey there,
I've had this issue for about 4 months now, and i've had my homebuilt computer for about 9 months-ish.
Below are my system specs:

AMD Phenom II X4 (4 CPUs) 3.2ghz
ATI 5770 1GB
MSI 770 AM3
320gb HDD
450w PSU
Coolermaster elite case
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler

other components:
2 Fans
very old CD/DVD drive

Logitech G35 Headset
Logitech MX518 Mouse
Logitech G19 Keyboard
USB Wireless-N adaptor
Stereo speakers

Whenever i run a game e.g Bioshock, TF2, APB, my computer suddenly goes *VROOOOOOOMMM* with a very loud sound which i can hear even with noise cancelling headset (logitech g35). Even after the game, my computer still makes a very loud sound, and i have no idea why, when it's idle. I have very few processes running in the background and still, it's loud. After a while it cools down and goes down to a tolerable noise level.

So please, please help me, i can provide any additional info that you request in order to solve my problem,
Thanks in advance,
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  1. is it the panels vibrating or is it fan noise? It could be one causing the other.

    One thing to try is swap out the video card for another and see if that helps. Also what kind of fan do you have in your power supply? is it a 120mm or a pair of 80mm?
  2. A stethoscope will help isolate the noise. If you don't have access to one use a cardboard tube. A paper towel tube or a wrapping paper tube.

    It very well could be your PSU. I notice you didn't list the brand.
  3. It sounds like your PSU needs more wattage I have a 550 watt power up! And when I play a game I just hear the sound of it not the VVVVRRRRRROOOOOMMM I also indeed have a msi MOBO (KA790GX-M) I love it, if you OC your cpu that could be it or even your vid card.
  4. @ addison, My cpu has not been oc'd.
    @ proximon This is the PSU: Coolermaster eXtreme Power 460W PSU (came with my coolermaster case)

    I tried opening my computer whilst playing a game and it was very loud but coulden't get where the sound was originating from. I don't have a spare gfx card to try out and i don't want to screw things up. I have no idea what it is :/

    thanks for you help so far :)
  5. Okay, Most likeyly it's the PSU get more wattage the ati 5770 NEEDS 450 watt your just above the line. Get a 550watt and your rig is MUCH more stable. Also, the GPU could be need more cooling or the Cpu if it sounds like a train wreck then it's the 1.Gpu
    3.CPU (it controls ALL data in your PC)
  6. Could you perhaps point me to a few links of decent psu's that i could consider getting, i have a tight budget :P
  7. This is my PSU my specs are VERY similar to yours. I also have a ati 5770 and it runs it with no prob. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2227022&CatId=1079
  8. @addison, i have heard that i should always buy a branded psu though? what do you think?
  9. I use this PSU and it works fine don't listen to that.
  10. Taking that into perspective, would this suffice? http://www.ebuyer.com/product/169063
  11. Yes.
  12. Could i have a second opinion on my issue and whether the above psu is ok?
  13. Well a 600 watt would also do very well... A lot cheaper and power saving.
  14. The PSU is dependent on Reviews, some people have good luck with Some Un common PSU's. Most people prefer to buy a named brand and spend the extra money because the Company has had much better quality parts and products. My old Dell had a PSU that i've never even heard of the name before, and that lasted 7years. So really it's more dependent on how you feel.
  15. One thing to look for in a psu is active PFC. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_factor

    the better the power factor the more efficient the psu and the longer it will last under "high stress" conditions ... like gaming. Its not always going to be the case that they will last longer there are always factory defects and there are always systems like dells who have a psu in them that doesnt seem to die but from a system builder standpoint you want active pfc.

    The single 12v rail vs multiple 12v rails isnt so much of an argument (till you get to video cards needing more than 2 of the rails can do combined) as it is a preference. I like the single 12v rail because I know I can plug my video card in and quickly do the math on how much amperage I have left.

    My favorite brands are corsair and enermax personally but Ive had luck (and problems) with other brands... "PC Power and Cooling" (yes thats a brand) which is made by OCZ I think it is has been running 24/7 in my file server for 2 years with no problems (needed a red psu and they were the only ones with one) but others have had huge issues with them. Same thing with Seasonic and Silverstone. Though I do have to admit Ive got several corsair PSUs and have never had a problem with them and they are very quiet too.
  16. Please see the PSU guide linked in my sig. People who advise you to skip the homework when purchasing a PSU are all wrong, no matter what they say.

    There are three or four websites producing power supply reviews that use procedures and equipment designed for the job. Any other reviewer claiming to do proper reviews is normally clueless.

    Bottom line, you do not have to listen to amateur opinions, including mine. That's why I wrote the guide.

    Shinobi, PFC has NOTHING to do with efficiency for the end user. Please read my guide and follow the links.

    Active PFC is present on all good PSUs, yes. It's also present on many bad ones.
  17. Thank you so much everyone for all your help and advice, i really do appreciate it!
    I will be having a look at the links you all posted me :)

    Edit: Taking all of the above into consideration, could you point me to a cheap, yet robust power supply that will last long, be powerful enough and be VERY quiet. The top named brands seem to be expensive and i am looking to spend £30-£40 for a decent psu. I don't really get some of the numbers you been posting above, but i been trying my best to figure it out. So yeah, please post links to ones you think are reliable. Ebuyer preferably.

    (another) Edit: what about these?
    Thanks a lot :)
  18. Because my budget is 30-40 and knowing overclockers they add on another tenner during checkout...
  19. I guess there is shipping.

    The Corsair 500W would be my next choice.
  20. Out of these:

    which one would be better for my spec. Keep in mind that i am a keen gamer, so my PC has to put up with a lot, plus all the usb sockets full.

    EDIT: i edited the first post with my accessories
  21. Still, you likely never break 350W with that rig. After allowing for margin and such any good 500W will serve you well.

    Unless you know the actual manufacturer of a power supply and it's voltage regulation capabilities, along with protections, don't buy it. The Corsair you linked earlier is adequate.
  22. @ Promximon

    Your wrong, the Ati 5770 REQUIRES a 450 watt or greater minim beging 400 the 350 would die. Though, a 500 watt would do just fine.
  23. Manufacturer requirements are not always accurate. A single 5770 on it's own pulls a max of 100W. Ref:

    The rest of the computer will never pull more than 200W. I'm not recommending a 380W PSU because that would not leave adequate margin... but a good 380W capable of 30A on the 12V rail would handle the load easily.
  24. I appreciate all of your help, now i know i need a 500w psu. What do i go for, non-branded which is cheaper, or branded which is more expensive?
  25. I can't edit my above post for some reason :S

    Anyway, whats quieter/better dual 80mm fans or single 120mm?
  26. Well 2 120mm...
  27. I know this may sound silly but, how do i know if my psu will have the cord to fit in my graphics card? is it generic or are they different between psu's?

    I have ati 5770
  28. Antec are good PSU. This is much reliable http://www.ebuyer.com/product/246651

    Most newer PSU have 6 pin PCIE conncets are the same exact same plug to power the card :).
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