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Hello and thanks in advance for answering my question. Also I would like to appoligize if this topic is a little redundant but I need to make sure I am clear on the issue. I am refering to CAD which card is best for it. From what I undestand ATI and Intel (contrary to what others (not you guys) have told me) are sutibable brands as a standalone card and platform for CAD work. The only catch is that one has to make sure the that it is the suitable type namely a workstation graphics card; a Quadro or a FireGL.
Is that true for all CAD work or just high end workstation applications such as AutoCad and Solidworks and the like? What about for lower end applications such as the $100 version of TurboCAD 2D/3D or the open-source QCAD? ALso what about occasional gaming?
Thanks again.
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  1. Intel does not make graphics cards, just integrated chips which are quite weak for 3d.
    Quadro (nvidia) and firegl (amd) are workstation-class cards that only differ from their gamer counterparts (geforce and radeon, respectively) in that the drivers are specifically made to work well with professional programs. They have the same hardware.
    I'm not sure about that program you are talking about...
  2. Yea you are right. I meant Nvidia not Intel. That just goes to show you how corperate merging and staying up too late make a bad combination. I slipped for a moment and was thinking in the context of ATI and AMD and tranfered that to Intel and Nvidia (wow how did that happen :whistle: ). But yea as far the programs Turbocad is a low to mid level CAD program. I want it because it it cheap and it gets the job done. QCad is the same way but you can only buy it from the site (50$) instead of the reatail stores.
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