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PC to Home theatre AMP will i need a sound card?

I'm getting an ASUS p8z68 mother board and my new PC will be hooked up to a 5.1 surround home theatre amp. Will i notice much if any difference in sound quality with the onboard sound v's a dedicated sound card? Does this matter when I’m running to an amp anyway?
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    With a digital connection like HDMI
    you really wouldnt notice a difference unless you had an extremely expensive system (> $1000)
    even then probably not
    sound cards are great when you are using analog connections but
    with digital the receiver can handle the decoding
  2. My amp is a little old and doesn't have a HDMI input, has a single coaxial digital input that i run my LCD TV into it with at the moment.
    Will this still matter or can i get the sound to run HDMI to the TV (is my monitor) and then back to the amp through coaxial?
    Am i just going to long way around things that way and degrading the sound?
  3. as long as it works then you are fine
    it is a digital signal so distortion shouldnt be a worry
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  5. cool thank heaps
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