Problem with computer recognizing video card....

So i bought a new mobo and it has some crappy ati 3000 graphics card on it, so i also bought a Radeon HD 5770( looks great and when i plug it in the fan runs and everything and when i plug my monitors cord into the dvi adapter(the video card does not take the blue one) my monitor goes into standby mode, i also have the drivers i really would like this video card to run so thanks in advance :)
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  1. Sounds like a dead card, unless you have plugged it in wrong. Try re-seating it and plugging in the PSU leads in a different order.
  2. Might be a stupid point, but did you plug the 5770's 6pin PCIExpress power connector in?
    Another stupid point - are you plugging your monitor into your graphics card, or the DVI from your motherboard?
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